Best Bed Bug Exterminators in San Jose California

When people think about bed bugs, these little creatures are misjudged as insects that do no major damage at all. That kind of thinking is very wrong, because they can affect people’s healthy living in not so subtle ways. When a bed bug problem exists, the most practical solution to that is to call for immediate professional help from the best San Jose bed bug exterminators you can find. It is understandable that some would be too busy to find one personally, so our company is here to come inform you that we are ready to help you with the most affordable and natural bed bug treatments that can be offered in the country. We already performed various local services for San Jose and nearby cities, and our cost-effective treatments have made our clients happier with their homes’ safety from bed bug infestations.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects that like to get their food sources from humans and warm-blooded animals. They are commonly found within the smallest cracks and crevices within the home, because they like to be discreetly near their food sources. It would be easier to find the adult bed bugs than the hatchlings—the adults are already about a fourth inch long while the hatchlings are as small as poppy seeds. They also come in various colors: they can be white, tan, or brown, so you have to strain your eyes if you want to see them up close. They can be on your bed, pillows, carpet, windows, and even on your clothes and bags. They could be anywhere, as long as they can be near you for immediate feeding.

Can bed bugs be harmful?

As far as science and research has gone, bed bugs can be a real hassle when they come into your home and feed on you while you sleep. On the contrary, you would least likely feel that they are feeding on you while you sleep, especially if you are a heavy sleeper. The real hassle comes after they finish feeding because they will leave red and itchy marks on the skin where they sucked. As much as possible, avoid scratching these marks because it can aggravate the irritation and may lead to major infections. Aside from infections, sensitive people may get allergic reactions from the direct bed bug contact and saliva, and these allergic reactions can be worse than you think. In case of anaphylaxis or major allergic reactions, call for medical help immediately.

What are the signs of a bed bug infestation?

Since bed bugs are really too small to notice, you can still find them by observing yourself and your home for the common signs of bed bug infestation. Personal home inspection can be done before calling professional exterminators, and here are some signs that can help you with the inspection:

  • Red and itchy marks on your body. As mentioned above, these unsightly and irritating marks come upon you when the bed bugs suck on your blood while you sleep. The suspicion can be confirmed especially when you only gained them overnight. The parts of your body that got exposed to the bed paraphernalia will be most likely the areas where the marks appear. Also, these marks usually go in threes because bed bugs do not just suck on your body once every night. They can go for multiple sucking until they get satisfied for the night.
  • Black splatters and blood stains on your bed. Once you find black smears on your pillows, foam, or sheets, it can mean that the bed bugs have invaded your bed and left their droppings there. The blood stains come from the bed bugs that got squished during the night when you most likely crushed them while moving in your sleep.
  • Molded skins. These cast skins have been the former homes of the bed bug hatchlings before they were born, and these can be very visible because they come in groups. After a female bed bug lays her eggs, there will be 200 more of them after four to eight weeks.

How can bed bugs be treated?

When you really want to be sure about eliminating all of these bed bugs within your home, and if you want to prevent them from infiltrating ever again, you have come to the right company! Our pest control team specializes in exterminating these blood-sucking pests for good, and we guarantee that they would not be coming back for a long time. Just to enlighten you, we will recommend our bed bug treatments after an inspection and assessment of your case’s severity. But do keep in mind that you are part of our planning too, so here are our offered bed bug treatments:

  • Freezing. A cryonetic machine is operated to freeze the infested room for two weeks, thus eliminating all existing bed bugs.
  • Heating. This method is done with a special equipment that will produce extreme heat that all of your bed bugs will be gone within six to eight hours of procedure.
  • Steamers. Using extremely hot water, our professional exterminator will produce steam that will be too hot for the bed bugs to survive. It does not contain any other substance aside from the water.
  • Pyrethroids. This is a type of man-made pesticide that is made from chrysanthemums, and it does not harm human health in any way.