Searching for San Jose Cockroach Exterminators?

Seeing cockroaches on the streets or even in your day-job office can be quite a common occurrence, but seeing even just one within your own home can be more devastating than it seems. Knowing that these pests freely roam around your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and your toilet will give you the creeps about how unsafe your health is all along. Maybe you have not noticed that they have been there for years, and have multiplied to unimaginable numbers. Luckily, cockroach removal service is not something to chase. Our San Jose pest control company provides the best cockroach control solutions, and when we say the best, we only pertain to the most natural and affordable treatments we can offer for our dear clients.

Basic Information about Cockroaches

Cockroaches can be pests or not depending on what purpose they have for their being. Some cockroaches help the environment achieve the natural decaying process, while others just proliferate within your home only for the sake of survival. Their forms may vary depending on the area where they come from: tropical areas will have bigger cockroaches, while some species will gain wings and maybe even the ability to fly. From this, we can say that cockroaches can heavily adapt to their environment, so they have the ability to survive just about anywhere (even in the sewers and garbage dumps).

Dangers of Having a Cockroach Infestation

These common household pests can bring about many hassles and dangers to your body and health. Even if you have direct or indirect contact with cockroaches, you can still receive real damages to your wellbeing. Here are the different dangers of having these pests in your home:

  • Body bites. Cockroaches can bite any person or animal that it may deem as a threat, and they can even bite you while you sleep. This can live a painful and nasty pinkish swelling on the bitten area.
  • Body invasion. When you are a heavy sleeper, you might not feel these cockroaches crawl onto your body and into your body’s openings like your mouth, ears, and nose. It can be very difficult to make the curious cockroach get out of there, especially if it feels threatened.
  • Bacteria transfer. If you think about it, the small size of the cockroaches make them capable of easily crawling right just about anywhere. Before they went into your house, they could have been getting viruses and bacteria from some unimaginably disgusting place. These pathogens can transfer to your home when they gain direct contact with your things and food.
  • Food contamination. Cockroaches need their own food supply, and there will be times that your own food will be their target. Once they feed on your food, they release their saliva and bodily fluids that carry the bacteria and viruses they got from other places. They can also leave their hair, skin, and other cockroach debris on the food, so it will be heavily contaminated and unfit for human consumption.
  • Food poisoning. There have been many studies regarding the direct relation between cockroach infestation and food poisoning. One of the most dangerous bacteria that cockroaches transfer is salmonella, which causes food poisoning and typhoid.
  • Allergies. Cockroach debris and bodily fluids are accompanied by cockroach allergens, which attack people’s bodies. Unfortunately, immunity from cockroach allergens are not possible, and even the people with strong immune systems cannot escape the possibility of allergic reactions.
  • Asthma. This is another illness that can be contracted from constant exposure with cockroach debris and allergens. Asthma attacks should not be taken lightly because it can cause shortness of breath and other dangers for the respiratory system.

Important Details about Cockroaches

Dealing with cockroaches can be a real trouble, since they can be difficult to completely extinguish when you do not seek help from professional exterminators. As a responsible homeowner, you should regularly inspect your home for cockroach infestation, because this is the only way to know their existence as soon as possible. Also, inspecting the house yourself will not cost you anything, thus saving you time and money at a broader perspective. To help you understand more how cockroaches live, here is a list of a few more information you should keep in mind:

  • They are attracted to your home’s best qualities. Cockroaches love an area where they can easily find food, water, warmth, and generous breeding spaces. The most likely breeding spaces are the unkempt or dark areas where you do not usually go or cannot disturb them.
  • They can enter through the small holes or cracks. Exposing your home’s safety by leaving open holes and cracks is something you should not do. Seal every hole as much as possible to avoid them from coming to and from your home.
  • They are naturally nocturnal and evasive. These creatures go out at night and are possibly too swift for your own reflexes. If you plan on having an inspection, do it during the night to find them lurking around the corners of your home.
  • Seeing even one cockroach exposing itself is a bad sign. In case you find one in daytime, this could mean that their breeding spaces are already overflowing, while the single cockroach you see is an outcast from the filled space.
  • They cannot be exterminated that easily. Once you confirm their presence, contact our company for immediate professional cockroach removal.