Most Trusted Mice Removal Experts in San Jose

Dealing with mice infestations can be a very messy business, especially if you are handling them for the first time. Attempting to eliminate them with your own hands can be very frustrating if you fail, particularly if their numbers have gone to numbers you cannot really handle single-handedly. Fortunately, our pest control company provides the best local San Jose mice removal treatments and we believe in providing only the most natural and affordable services you can ever experience.

We Are the Local San Jose Mice Exterminators You Need

Mouse extermination is one of our fortes in our pest control company, and hundreds of clients have indulged in our cost-effective mouse extermination solutions that have never disappointed a single customer. We made sure that our services are all par excellence so that we could all cater to all of these unique cases of pests. Just to inform you, here are the benefits of seeking our pest control services:

  • For you, we can achieve the goals you have in mind. If you want us to eliminate all the mice in your home, we will gladly do that for you. We will not stop until the last one is out of the house.
  • We always plan with you. Aside from the professional inspection and assessment, our company will gladly suggest on the best methods to use for your case of mice. However, these will remain as suggestions if you do not agree with them to be implemented in your home. We respect your ideas so we take your words in consideration.
  • The affordability and effectiveness is always balanced. Our services are carefully organized and planned so that we can assure full mice extermination without compromising the client’s budget.
  • You can go about your day as usual. Our professional exterminators will be in your home for several hours only, so you do not have to delay things you have to do. Also, our services do not include the use of toxic chemicals so you can walk in on our procedure and still be safe.
  • We respect your utmost privacy. Our company has a privacy rule that entails the safety of the clients from information leakage regarding their case of mice infestation and other personal information. Only authorized personnel are allowed to access your records, and the storage of records is only for filing and future business purposes only.

Things You Need to Know about Mice

If you are suspicious of your home of a mice infestation, you might as well do a personal home inspection to confirm the suspicion. But to effectively accomplish that, you should first understand the nature of mice when they live as pests within homes. To help you with that, we prepared a list of information regarding mice:

  • You will find them in the dirtiest places. When mice try to search for a breeding area, they would prefer an undisturbed area that is dark and dirty. These areas are least trodden by humans or other threats, so they would feel most secure in places with these qualities.
  • If they are there, you will find mice excrement and unprecedented holes. Of course, mice have to release their droppings and urine somewhere, and ‘somewhere’ could mean anywhere in your house. Also, mice will make holes out of boxes, bags, plastics, and other things they need to open or go to.
  • They do not need your stuff for feeding purposes. Yes, they do chew on your clothes, belongings, boxes, and even wires, but they do not use them as food. They use these bits to build a nest. A nest is necessary for a female mouse that is planning to give birth.
  • Food contamination and machine malfunction is probable in their presence. When food or water is left out in the open during a mice infestation, these valuable resources can be crawled on by these pests thus establishing contamination. Also, mice can chew on wires thus resulting to damaged machines and equipment.
  • They can transfer pathogens into your home. When mice scurry through disgusting places, they carry with them viruses and bacteria that can harm your health in so many levels. Both their fur and internal organs are laden with these pathogens so do not ever think of touching them with your bare hands.
  • Their mere presence in the home can be damaging to your wellbeing. It does not matter if you do not touch them directly. The presence of mice connotes the probability of food contamination, food poisoning, gastrointestinal problems, and deadly diseases like salmonellosis and leptospirosis.