Looking for San Jose Termite Inspector and Exterminator?

Getting rid of a major termite infestation will be a frustrating experience if you try to do it yourself. When termites get their colonies to multiply into unmanageable numbers, using a simple termiticide will not be enough to eradicate them all. If this happens, it is time to call on the San Jose termite exterminators. Providing San Jose locals our affordable termite inspection & termite treatment service for many years, we have come directly to you because we would like to help and bring forth cost-effective solutions to your termite troubles.

What are termites?

Termites are common pests in the city of San Jose, but they are not as simple to eliminate as they seem. When these irksome insects separate from their original colonies to make their own, they will look for locations that will provide them their main food source: wood. They can feed on dead trees, wood stumps, logs, and even the extra wood blocks you put under your patio for stability. They can be very persistent when it comes to their survival, and their population under or within your home can be something you would never imagine.

Harmful Effects of Termites

Aside from harming your wallet because of the expenses you will have to go through with the replacement and renovation, termites can also endanger your health if you have weak immune and respiratory systems. Termites produce debris, saliva, droppings, and allergens that could cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Also, direct contact with these particles can get various bacteria transfer to your body so avoid touching these with bare hands.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

You do not need to see a termite yourself to prove that they have been in your home or not. It only takes careful speculation of the rooms and areas in and around your home, and the knowledge of the commons signs of a termite infestation. For your basic information, we give you these common signs:

  • Mud tubes. Inspect your house and your surroundings from ground level to check if there are small, dry and brown tunnels coming out of the blue. These mud tubes are composed of moist soil, termite saliva, and droppings, so they should not be touched without safety gloves. These tunnels are what they use to go to and from their colonies’ living areas and food sources. Termites are very patient burrowers and can travel hundreds of feet just for the sake of survival.
  • Holes on wooden furniture and structures. When you think those holes on the wooden things in your home should not be there and have appeared suddenly, it could possibly because the termites have gone into these things to collect their wood.
  • Termite droppings and wings. When you see some termite droppings on window sills and on the ground, they are probably travelling through those paths. Wings can be seen to be shed collectively when the reproductives start to swarm.
  • Cracked or damaged foundation. Termites tend to damage your home’s foundation when they go through these parts to arrive at their target food sources. Your home’s safety can be in peril in the long run if the foundation continues to get damaged.
  • Weak ceilings, walls, and floors. Termites are horribly destructive, especially with wooden ceilings, walls and floors. When they eat those parts from the inside, unusual stains will appear on the infested area, and these will begin to unhinge or soften because of their resulting hollowness.

Available Termite Treatments

When it comes to exterminating these troublesome termites, our company can provide the spectacular services you need to finally live in your home stress-free. We always do our best to analyse each unique case and provide the best plan for the termite treatment methods. But then, your voice will be important in making the decisions in planning. For that matter, we present to you the various services we offer to finally extinguish the termites of your home management nightmares:

  • Microwave. Aside from heating your food up, microwaves can also eradicate all of the termites in your home by setting it up to produce the right level of heat. Immediately, these pesky pests will be out of your home and your life.
  • Bait and Monitoring System. This method will include a termiticide-filled wood that will serve as the termite bait. This will be placed in the infested area in which the worker termites will collect the wood. When the workers collect the bait, a monitoring system will be set up to make sure that all of the termites will be dead after a few weeks.
  • Liquid Barriers. These barriers are used to extinguish the termites around your home, and prevent them from invading your premises anymore. A non-repellent termiticide will be injected to the holes that will be created on a soil trench near your home’s foundation. Liquid barriers are deemed to be one of the most sought out termite treatments.
  • Physical Barriers. This prevents termites from damaging your foundation through a heavy duty barrier placed around the foundation.
  • Sand Termite Barriers. This prevents sand termites from getting through your foundation via dry soil. Sand termites are especially bothersome because they are not like usual termites that get through moist soil.